Public satisfaction with Theresa May in her role as Prime Minister

Polling by Ipsos Mori. Theresa May has had more voters satisfied than dissatisfied with her role as Prime Minister since her ascendancy in July 2016. The number of those unsure of whether to be satisfied or dissatisfied has shifted notably for the latter as her premiership has gone on, rising from 19% in July 2016 to 35% by December.

Public satisfaction with Jeremy Corbyn in his role as Leader of the Labour Party

Polling by Ipsos Mori. Jeremy Corbyn has had more voters dissatisfied than satisfied with his role as Labour party leader since his election to the job in September 2015. He started off his leadership with an even split of satisfaction/dissatisfaction, at 33/36 respectively. By July 2016 that net negative of minus three, however, had widened to a gap of minus forty one.