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Britain Elects is staffed by students and for most of the time has relied on our own personal contributions to keep it running and providing what we have provided thus far. As our follower base has grown, we are in need of funding to keep things going and to maintain our presence online. Despite upgrading, our site on a number of occasions has crashed due to heavy traffic. Your help would be valuable in keeping us online and doing what we do best (and even more of it)!

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Our followerbase online continues to grow

The number of people following us on social media has grown exponentially since 2014, and with the launch of the site, so has traffic here. Despite already upgrading once, our site has crashed on multiple occasions over the course of the past few months due to high traffic. I am afraid that we – those that do the work in making Britain Elects the feed and service you enjoy – cannot fund improvements into keeping the site online at all times alone.

Your help will be appreciated and we’d like to thank those who already have donated, but to continue being the service that we have been thus far, and to expand on it, we do need funding and we ask that you consider backing us in this venture.

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Britain Elects is the trading name of Elector LTD.