Voting intentions taken since the 2017 general election

This archive comprises UK and GB-wide voting intentions. The chart below is our poll tracker of voting intentions taken since the 2015 General Election.

Opinium16 Nov 174042650Lab +2
ICM12 Nov 174141742TIE
YouGov08 Nov 174043642Lab +3
Ipsos Mori01 Nov 173840943Lab +2
ICM23 Oct 174242732TIE
YouGov19 Oct 174042842Lab +2
YouGov11 Oct 173942842Lab +3
ICM08 Oct 174141742TIE
Opinium06 Oct 174042552Lab +2
Survation05 Oct 173844741Lab +6
YouGov05 Oct 174042742Lab +2
BMG29 Sep 1737421043Lab +5
YouGov24 Sep 173943742Lab +4
ICM24 Sep 174042842Lab +2
Survation23 Sep 173842842Lab +4
Opinium22 Sep 174240642Con +2
Survation20 Sep 174041752Lab +1
Ipsos Mori18 Sep 174044921Lab +4
BMG15 Sep 173938864Con +1
Opinium15 Sep 174141553TIE
YouGov13 Sep 174142732Lab +1
ICM10 Sep 174242743TIE
Survation01 Sep 173843743Lab +5
YouGov31 Aug 174142642Lab +1
ICM28 Aug 174242733TIE
YouGov22 Aug 174142841Lab +1
Opinium18 Aug 174043642Lab +3
BMG11 Aug 174239763Con +3
YouGov01 Aug 174144732Lab +3
YouGov19 Jul 174143632Lab +2
Ipsos Mori18 Jul 174142932Lab +1
ICM16 Jul 174243732Lab +1
Survation15 Jul 173941861Lab +2
Opinium14 Jul 174143552Lab +2
YouGov11 Jul 174045721Lab +5
YouGov06 Jul 173846641Lab +8
ICM03 Jul 174143733Lab +2
Survation30 Jun 174140721Con +1
Opinium29 Jun 173945552Lab +6
Panelbase21 Jun 174146621Lab +5
Survation17 Jun 174144621Lab +3
Survation10 Jun 173945731Lab +6
GB Result08 Jun 174441822Con +3