Hello there. We're asking for a spot of money.

Britain Elects is an entirely voluntary service and since its creation has relied on our own personal contributions to keep it running and providing what we have provided thus far. As our follower base has grown - as we have finally got our website live, we are in need of funding to keep things going and expand into new areas of election and poll reporting. We'd really appreciate your help in this venture.

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What do we want to do?

Over the past few years we’ve religiously reported on elections up and down the country as well as voting intention surveys, public opinion results and general election news and analysis. We’d like to do more than that, but I’m afraid we cannot do it out of our own back pocket much longer.

In addition to what we already do, our objectives are to…

  • Upgrade and keep the site running. When we launched on Christmas Day 2016, our site, due to high demand, was reported down for many. We're expecting high demand on days when there are elections and as well as wanting to ensure our site is accessible for everyone, we also want to see it expand in what it has to offer. This requires time and money.
  • Build up a network of people willing to report the election results at counts as they're declared. Although we do a half decent job already, we'd like to be able to provide to the public an immediate and regularly updated site of all election results as we get them, and to do that we need a network of those willing to help us with election reporting. At the moment the BBC, the Guardian and Sky News do not provide council election results by ward. In 2016, we did and in 2017 we'd like to do that again.
  • Be more than just a Twitter account. It's likely that you first heard of us through Twitter, and that at the present is our main mode of communication with you. We want to expand onto other platforms, though. We intend on in the future producing video and audio features that will help further the coverage and your understanding of British electoral politics and public opinion.
  • Subsidise our need for chocolate biscuits and coffee.

We're doing quite alright with this Twitter follower stuff

The number of people following our Twitter account (I know, just a Twitter account, but shh) has grown exponentially since 2014. I can’t say for certain why people actually follow us, though an interest in an aggregate of poll results, council by-elections, and, uh, general psephological stuff might explain it. We’ll need to run a poll on it, clearly.

Your help will be appreciated and we’d like to thank those who already have donated, but to continue being the service that we have been thus far, and to expand on it, we do need funding and we ask that you consider backing us in this venture.

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