So, Britain Elects, eh...?

Britain Elects is something you can probably best describe as a poll aggregator of some sorts. We offer a feed of opinion poll results as well as easy-on-the-eye charts to hopefully give you a clearer picture of the state of British public opinion than you once had.

At the moment Britain Elects is a work in progress with intentions to one day become an authoritative source of electoral and political analysis alongside a large archive of election results and public opinion trends.

Britain Elects started at the close of 2013 designed initially to put those weekly headline grabbing council by-election results in one place. It then, during the 2014 local and European elections, adjusted to become some sort of feed for the opinion polls of the day. Over time we, without even a website, saw our follower base grow exponentially.

Our names are Ben, Dayle and Lily. So, hi. We are a group of people committed to the authoritative dissemination of facts, figures and a clear analysis of the state of British public opinion.

Who knows what can be said for the future, but right now we are not looking to employ people. Britain Elects is an entirely voluntary affair. We cannot pay ourselves, let alone other people!

If you’d like to help with paying for BE’s hosting and chocolate biscuits however…

We’re a non-partisan, independent site free from party political or organisational funding. Where we receive funding either comes out of our back pockets, or the kind donations of you, dear reader. Contrary to some online saying we’re Tory funded, a bunch of Blairites, BBC biased, Westminster centric, culturally Marxist, stooges to the EU and a UKIP front, we’re quite… well, none of those things.

Like every organisation we’re staffed by people who have their own political views but this has no bearing on the work we do for Britain Elects. If you’d like to believe otherwise however, we do have some excellent hatware to recommend.