What's Britain Elects?

Britain Elects was founded in 2013 and we are now the UK’s leading poll aggregator. Our linear moving average trackers are weighted to reduce volatility and provide the most accurate representation of public opinion on key political questions.

Our poll trackers are updated as data is released and cover voting intentions for the main political parties, leaders and policies at local and national level, as well as Brexit. We also publish polls in other subject areas that are not included in our trackers. We are a non-partisan organisation and only use polls that adhere to the standards set by the British Polling Council.

Polling is both an art and a science so Britain Elects also offers a rolling commentary both on the latest poll results and in-depth analysis on the wider polling industry and its challenges.

At present we are an entirely voluntary organisation, set up by those with an interest and experience in consultancy and politics and funded by your kind donations.

Who runs Britain Elects?

Ben Walker

Ben set up Britain Elects in late-2013 and has been managing it ever since. Before going to university in 2016 he spent two years as a graphic designer and political consultant for a number of candidates and campaigns. Ben can be contacted on walker@britainelects.com.


The various Britain Elects poll trackers you see on our site start as simple linear moving averages but are modified with additional weightings so as to account for factors such as sample size and publication date.

  • We weight according to sample size. There is little difference between a reasonable 1,000 person sample size or something larger, but because with a larger sample you can be more confident in viewing representative data in the cross-breaks, we weight them higher.
  • Prolific pollsters are weighted down. Our tracker seeks to measure all pollsters. We weight down pollsters which publish more regularly than others so as to limit a potential over-saturation.
  • We weight by publication date. Newly published polls have a higher weighting in our tracker than older polls. 

We do not yet weight according to a pollster’s record in previous elections. This will be introduced at a later date.

Help us keep Britain Elects going

Britain Elects provides a vital service to the public and is completely free. However as trust and impartiality in politics comes at an ever higher premium, we want to do much more. Please help us by donating through PayPal or subscribing through Patreon. If you would like to support Britain Elects and see it do more, you can do so by donating through PayPal or subscribing through Patreon. Every little bit helps to keep Britain Elects alive!

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