Leave voters say Tories and Brexit Party should work together to secure Brexit


According to a new poll conducted by YouGov on behalf of Britain Elects, 69% of Leave voters say the Conservatives and the Brexit Party should work together to secure Brexit.

This includes 82% of Conservative Leave voters who believe it is a price worth paying in order to ensure the UK’s departure from the European Union goes ahead.

More interestingly, 56% of Leave voters (and 65% of Conservative voters) believe Conservative MPs defecting to the Brexit Party would be a price worth paying to guarantee Brexit.

These findings are replicated among Remain voters, with 66% of those who backed Remain in 2016 wanting Remain parties to work together so as to put a halt to Britain’s departure.

57% of Remain voters would also be willing to see MPs from Labour defect to the Liberal Democrats in order to stop Brexit.

Both findings of Remain and Leave voters suggest a continuation in the breakdown of party loyalty, and a greater adherence to the Remain/Leave brand.

Other findings include:

49% of Leave voters told YouGov that the breakup of the United Kingdom is a price worth paying to secure Britain’s departure from the EU.

18% of Leave voters want Parliament to get prorogued (temporarily closed down) so as to secure Brexit. 57% in total believe it is a price worth paying.

54% of Leave voters believe the UK becoming economically poorer would be a price worth paying to ensure Brexit goes ahead.

YouGov poll commissioned by Britain Elects
Sample Size: 1,680 GB Adults
Fieldwork: 07 – 08 July, 2019

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