Who's ahead in the polls?

If an election were held today it would produce a hung parliament with the Tories as the largest party, though with further Labour gains.

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The Britain Elects Poll Tracker is a modified seven point moving average with weightings so as to counter more prolific pollsters. Only British Polling Council pollsters who adhere to the standards set by the council are featured in our tracker.


Are the public willing to compromise on Brexit?

A new Deltapoll survey has shed some light on, what with the news about the Chequers deal now settled in the minds of the British public, what they think the government should be willing to compromise on in the Brexit negotiations.

Theresa May has lost the first week of her Chequers war

Belief in the Chequers deal being 'bad for Britain' is the view of 42% of the nation. Just 15% of Remain voters and 14% of Leave voters think the deal good for Britain. Much of the public (40%) also view the deal as 'too soft'.

Previewing the Lewisham East by-election

Fifty-three weeks on from the snap general election and we come to the second parliamentary by-election of the 2017 Parliament, and the first in Great Britain.

Reviewing the 2018 Greater Manchester local elections

Last week I previewed the local elections in Greater Manchester. As there are no local by-elections this week for me to preview, let's instead see how those predictions stacked up to reality...

Council by-election previews

Andrew Teale edits the Local Elections Archive Project, sometimes tweets at @andrewteale and plays quiz a bit. Read his meticulously-researched previews for the full lowdown on each local by-election, what you need to know and why you might (or might not) want to visit.

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Remembering Lily Jayne Summers1993 - 2016

On 16 December, 2016, our Co-Founder, Lily Jayne Summers, sadly passed away.

Lily was integral to the development of Britain Elects, working hard on every national election night since its founding in 2013. She was a passionate person committed to the politics she believed in, and she enjoyed the part she played in BE. She was authentic, ambitious, funny, quick witted, always up for an argument, and heartwarming to those who knew her. She was a student at Swansea University, a council candidate for the Labour Party and formerly active with the Salvation Army.

She was a great colleague, but to me she was more my closest friend than anything else. Lily meant so much. I’m shocked and sorry to see her taken from this world at such a young age.

– Ben, Co-Founder